SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard Resources

Helpful SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard Design and Xcelsius resources.

As a new year’s resolution for 2008, I’m ramping up on SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius with the goal instructing Xcelsius classes in Q2 of this year. Perhaps that is one of your goals as well, to get moving before Xcelsius 2008 arrives later in the year? In addition to official SAP BusinessObjects curriculum like BU271 Crystal Xcelsius 4.5: Designing Interactive Presentations and PM281 Crystal Xcelsius 4.5: Data Connectivity BOX310 SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0 Core, I’ve compiled the following list of helpful resources:

UPDATE: New information added for for SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius 2008 and SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard Design 4.0 (December 2011)

I’ll update this list as a find new and helpful resources. Got one to share? I’d be grateful if you would add it as a comment to this posting…

Author: Dallas Marks

I am an analytics and cloud architect, author, and trainer. An AWS certified blogger, SAP Mentor Alumni and co-author of the SAP Press book SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence: The Comprehensive Guide, I prefer piano keyboards over computer keyboards when not blogging or tweeting.

2 thoughts on “SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard Resources”

  1. Wow, didn’t realise there were so many Xcelsius books available!

    I’ve trained the BU271 course before, and it wasn’t too hard – the manuals are really easy to work through.

    I’ve had a quick look at the PM281 manual – quite a bit more detail in terms of ways to connect to your data, apart from Excel.

    Still, I think Xcelsius will be limited in functionality until they introduce direct connection to a universe, otherwise you will always get stuck on the way Xcelsius takes data from the Excel sheet.

    – Josh

  2. Hi Ryan

    I simply dont have words but I all can say is “Hats off to you!”

    Thank You
    Sapna Soni

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