Collaboration Leads to a ‘Comprehensive Guide’ on BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

Craig Powers from ASUG News talks about our new Web Intelligence book from SAP Press.

Craig Powers of ASUG News caught up with Jim Brogden, Heather Sinkwitz, and myself to discuss our new SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence: The Comprehensive Guide, Third Edition from SAP Press.

You can check out the interview here on the ASUG News site.

Goodbye SAP Visual Intelligence, Hello SAP Lumira

What’s new is already new again.

Or should that be “Goodbye corporate IT, Hello SAP Lumira”? Last Friday, on the eve of this week’s SAP SAPPHIRE event in Orlando, Florida, SAP officially launched Lumira, its new self service business intelligence solution.

Lumira isn’t entirely new. The Lumira desktop is a rebranding of SAP Visual Intelligence. You know, the year-old desktop product that was launched at last year’s SAPPHIRE? The other piece of Lumira is Lumira Cloud, which is replacing SAP’s existing On-Demand cloud BI offering. And Timo Elliott hints that the rebranding is a prelude to even larger plans SAP has for self-service BI.

We feel that it’s more appropriate to use a completely new name for a completely new “network of truth” approach to business intelligence and analytics (and “SAP Visual Intelligence Cloud” sounds clunky).

Blogger Jonathan Haun had this to say about Lumira’s launch on Twitter:

Jonathan Haun on Lumira 500w

I get it. SAP Lumira helps insulate users from IT

Disagree? Check out SAP’s recent ad campaign for SAP Visual Intelligence.

SAP Visual Intelligence Is Now Lumira 500w

Data discovery and insights that you control. Not IT.

While many still feel that SAP Visual Intelligence, uh, I mean SAP Lumira is still behind its data discovery competitors like Tableau, SAP has beaten them to the cloud [Uhhhh… Never mind – see Tableau Public]. In keeping with the “not IT” theme, SAP states in its SAP Visual Intelligence Renaming FAQ that although SAP Lumira and SAP BusinessObjects Explorer are integrated, Explorer is not being rebranded at this time. I still think the branding story remains a bit confusing (see related article, Family Planning), but by keeping separate names SAP maintains a very clear delineation between “what your IT department controls” (Explorer) and “what you control” (SAP Lumira Desktop and SAP Lumira Cloud). Curiously, Lumira relies on Explorer to get its data visualizations to mobile devices. My hunch is that SAP simply ran out of time to include Lumira Cloud integration in the Mobile BI application in time for SAPPHIRE (although Mobile BI is expected to include Explorer when the latest version appears- hopefully soon). Time will tell.

Expect SAP Lumira, SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.1, and the ever game-changing, kitten-killing SAP HANA to be the three big analytics themes from this week’s SAPPHIRE conference in sunny Orlando. If you’re stuck behind your desk like me, you can still follow live streaming of the conference from SAP, from ASUG, as well as the #SAPPHIRENOW and #ASUG2013 Twitter streams.

Should be an interesting week.

SAP Lumira Resources

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My ASUG News Interview

In October 2011, Jay Riddle and I discussed SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 with Thomas Wailgum of ASUG News.

Jay Riddle and Dallas Marks were guests of ASUG TV at the ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Conference at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin resort. Here’s a recording of our interview with Thomas Wailgum, discussing the adoption of SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.0.

The conference was held in October 2011, just a few weeks after the general availability of BI 4.0.

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Learn more about my ASUG SBOUC 2011 conference presentation, Delivering Secure and Personalized Business Intelligence, using SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.0 and the Information Design Tool.

SAP News – Inside SAP’s Product-Naming Strategies

Thomas Wailgum of ASUG News shares some thoughts from the SAP community on SAP’s recent product naming changes, including SAP BusinessObjects.

Thomas Wailgum of ASUG News shares some thoughts from the SAP community on SAP’s recent product naming changes, including SAP BusinessObjects, in an article entitled Inside SAP’s Product-Naming Strategies. I enjoyed being part of the conversation. See what Jim Deaver, Greg MyersJarret Pazahanick, and I have to say.

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