Getting ORGanized

Moving my blog from Google to Wordpress

Welcome to my newly relocated blog! All of the articles and comments from my old Google Blogger site have been relocated here and the old blog will remain up until Google and other search engines are able to find this one. Remember that this blog is for informational purposes.  Due to time constraints I am unable to personally offer technical support, although your (moderated) comments are always welcome on my postings. For technical support issues, continue to use the SAP Support Portal or search the BusinessObjects Board (BOB).

Welcome to my blog!

My first blog post, written on October 29, 2007.

OK, here goes. My first blog post. I began working with Business Objects 5.x in 2003. It’s hard to believe that in almost five years, I’ve seen four major releases, grown from novice to certified trainer, and presented breakouts at two Business Objects user conferences. My goal with this blog is to periodically post tips and tricks for working with various aspects of Business Objects Enterprise.