Where does the Information Design Tool store universes?

Sometimes answers to the simplest of questions can be elusive.

Information Design Tool 4.1 Splash Screen

Q: Where does the Information Design Tool store universes?

A: Universes created by the Information Design Tool are stored in the %USERPROFILE%.businessobjectsbimodeler_14 folder.  For example, C:Documents and Settingsdallasmarks.businessobjectsbimodeler_14

Q: How can I backup and restore local copies of universes created with the Information Design Tool?

A: Listed in the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.0 SP1 release notes as missing documentation, but still missing from the  Information Design Tool User Guide for SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.0 Support Package 4 manual.

Information design tool: Missing documentation on backing up and restoring project workspaces.


To backup the project resources created in the information design tool:

1. Exit the information design tool.

2. On the local file system, navigate to the folder “%USERPROFILE%.businessobjectsbimodeler_14”. For


C:Documents and SettingsAdministrator.businessobjectsbimodeler_14

3. Rename the “workspace” folder to “workspace.bak”.

To restore the project resources from the backup in the information design tool:

1. Start the information design tool. A new workspace folder is created automatically.

2. Select “File/Open Project” from the main menu.

3. In the Import Existing Projects dialog box, Select the root directory and browse to the path of the

“workspace.bak” folder created in the backup procedure.

4. Select the projects you want to restore.

5. Check the “Copy projects into workspace” check box and click Finish.

Q: Why is the SAP BusinessObjects documentation on the SAP Help Portal (see https://help.sap.com/boall_en) so poorly organized and categorized?

A: Because it gives bloggers something to write about.

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