Xcelsius 2008 Map Components

Geographic maps available in Xcelsius 2008

NOTE: This post was originally authored on 07/21/2008 and updated on 05/05/2009.

Xcelsius 2008 provides a large collection of geographic maps for data mapping. One of the challenges with working with those maps is specifying the region key lookup codes for each state/province/country on the map. Beginning with Xcelsius 2008 SP1, the product includes a handy Microsoft Excel reference in the samples folder, which is C:Program FilesBusiness ObjectsXcelsiusassetssamplesUser Guide Samples by default. Look for the MapRegions.xls file. (In the previous version of this post, I indicated that the spreadsheet was available on the SAP BusinessObjects Community web site but I can no longer find it there).

Here is a list of the maps included in Xcelsius 2008. Curiously, Canada by province was originally omitted from Xcelsius 2008 but was included in Xcelsius 2008 SP1 (see related article, O, Canada!). No official word on whether Mexico by state will also be added in a future fix pack or service pack.

Contenent Maps
World By Continent
Africa By Country
Asia By Country
Asia Pacific (large) by country
Asia Pacific (small) by country
Central America By Country
Europe (large) by country
Europe (large) by country Mercator
Europe (small) by country
European Union by country
Europe By Country
North America By Country
Oceania by country
South America By Country

Country Maps
Albania by region
Armenia by region
Australia by region
Austria by state
Azerbaijan by province
Belarus by region
Belgium by province
Bosnia And Herzegovina
Bulgaria by region
Canada by province (requires Service Pack 1)
Cambodia by province
China by region
Cyprus by district
Czech Republic by region
Denmark by county
Faroe Islands by region
Finland by province
France by region
Georgia by republic
Germany by state
Greece by prefecture
Hungary by county
Iceland by province
Indonesia by province
Italy by region
Japan by region
Kazakhstan by region
Kyrgyzstan by region
Laos by province
Luxembourg by district
Malaysia by state
Mongolia by province
Myanmar by region
Netherlands by province
New Zealand by region
North Korea by region
Northern Ireland
Norway by province
Papua New Guinea by region
Philippines by region
Poland by region
Portugal by province
Romania by county
Russia by mercator
Russia by region
San Marino
Serbia and Montenegro by region
Slovakia by region
South Korea by region
Spain by autonomous community
Sweden by county
Switzerland by canton
Thailand by province
Turkey by province
Turkmenistan by region
Ukraine by province
United Kingdom by region
USA (Continental)
Uzbekistan by region
Vatican City
Vietnam by province

State Maps
California By County

Author: Dallas Marks

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16 thoughts on “Xcelsius 2008 Map Components”

  1. So, I’ve been asking around and the support I have gotten has not been stellar. I know custom maps can be map with the SDK, got it. Most of the people who purchase this are not programmers, this would be the point of the software in the first place. Give me a real working EXAMPLE of a custom map that I can look are how it was put together. I don’t think this would be too much to ask considering the claims of it being possible. Show me.


  2. Is it possible to create your own maps for Xcelsius 2008 (from standard boundary files)? If yes, where can I find the description of how this can be done?

  3. Hi!
    I am looking for region-ISO Code Mappings for the XCelsius map components. Unfortunately the link to SDN you included does not work anymore, and I also couldn’t find it on SDN directly. Where else can I find such a mapping?

    Hope you can help me on that.


  4. I can’t find it on SDN either. Fortunately, it’s available in the Xcelsius install directory and I’ve updated this post with that information.

  5. Hi, I’m working with Web intelligence and the designer tools, is possible use the map functionality in a Web Intelligence report? and make a relations with the data of the universe?

  6. Thank you very much, another question: is possible connect Xcelsius with a universe datasource? I’m usion BO XI 3.0, I need the maps functionality. other point: what do u recommend for dashboards?

  7. Ricardo, I’ve built dashboards using Xcelsius 2008 and its map components on Business Objects XI 3.0/3.1. Use Query as a Web Service (QaaWS), which allows you to write queries against BOBJ universes and pull the data into the Xcelsius model. Good stuff.

    1. Siva,

      Thanks for writing, but that is a question best answered on the BusinessObjects Board or SAP support forums.


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