BusinessObjects XI 3.0

Today Business Objects, an SAP company, officially launched BusinessObjects XI 3.0, which will ship in late March 2008. Formerly known by its code name of Titan, BusinessObjects XI 3.0 represents a major revamp from one end of the product portfolio (Enterprise Information Management, or EIM) to the other (Information Discovery and Delivery, or IDD).

In addition, the Business Objects unveiled a slightly tweaked mission statement, as part of the alignment with its new owner, SAP.

Transforming the way the world works by connecting people, information, and business

Business Objects XI 3.0 promises improvements in the migration process, in addition to product enhancements. According to Business Objects, one third of their customers have migrated, one third are in the process of migrating, and a third are still waiting to migrate to the XI platform. Some of the features in XI 3.0 were added specifically to address concerns of its largest customers, who have delayed migration until XI 3.0 was ready.

As a consultant, trainer, migration specialist, and conference speaker, 2008 is shaping up to be a challenging, yet fun, year digesting all of the new product features. If your organization has not yet migrated, it’s certainly worth evaluating XI 3.0 after it ships in March 2008.

Dallas Marks

Dallas Marks

I am an analytics and cloud architect, author, and trainer. An AWS certified blogger, SAP Mentor Alumni and co-author of the SAP Press book SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence: The Comprehensive Guide, I prefer piano keyboards over computer keyboards when not blogging or tweeting.

2 thoughts on “BusinessObjects XI 3.0

  1. The Partner Education Portal has a new e-learning course you can use (as a partner) that goes over all the new changes.

    Finally, custom access levels and a Webi thick client.

    Have you got to have a play with the beta? I only saw it at the Insight 07 conference.

    I didn’t realise it was a March release – I was expecting June-ish… 🙂

    – Josh

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