Extending Auditing in SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise

SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise includes powerful auditing capabilities that allow organizations to perform detailed reporting and analysis of user activity on their business intelligence platform.  SAP includes an Activity universe and sample reports in both Crystal Reports and Web Intelligence formats to get started.

I’ll be presenting “KPIs for Business Intelligence” at the upcoming 2010 SAP BusinessObjects User Conference.  My focus will be on what organizations can build themselves to analyze user activity.  However, many organizations don’t have the time or resources to create their own solutions and there are several packages available in the marketplace for those who would rather buy than build.

I’d like to compile a centralized list of software vendors and their auditing products.  If you are such a vendor, could you add a comment to this post?  Please include:

  • Vendor Name
  • Product Name
  • URL to Product Information
  • Phone and/or e-mail contact to get more information about the product

Remember that I moderate all comments, so don’t panic when yours does not appear right away.  I’ll compile the information into a future blog post and include a summarized PowerPoint slide in my KPI presentation.

Thanks in advance!

Dallas Marks

Dallas Marks

I am an analytics and cloud architect, author, and trainer. An AWS certified blogger, SAP Mentor Alumni and co-author of the SAP Press book SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence: The Comprehensive Guide, I prefer piano keyboards over computer keyboards when not blogging or tweeting.

4 thoughts on “Extending Auditing in SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise

  1. Vendor: McManus Software + Consulting
    Product: Audit Launch
    [email protected]

    Audit Launch provides the ability to accomplish the 4 main tasks of BOE analysis and administration

    1) Expanded analysis of BOE Activity by combining CMS data with audit data in one location
    2) Ability to synchronize external security systems into BOE security for seamless trusted SSO.
    3) Ability to query and act on multiple objects in one action
    4) Ability to Monitor the BOE services and provide email/text/phone alerts when a service crashes

  2. APOS Insight meticulously collects metadata about the SAP BusinessObjects system, and stores the statistics and details in the Insight database, enabling clearer visibility and a more thorough understanding of the deployment. It provides precise monitoring of system components and generates alerts and actions if performance varies beyond configured thresholds.

    » Alerts and Actions
    • granular monitoring and alerting of system status and health
    • automated controls and corrective actions for system services and processes
    » Introspection
    • predictive monitoring and failure prevention
    » Enhanced System Auditing
    • enhanced activity and security auditing
    • system metadata and structure analysis
    • content structure and usage analysis
    » Consoles
    • view/stop running/runaway jobs
    • view/release user connections
    • control server availability and resource allocation

    Whether used alone or in combination with other APOS solutions, APOS Insight provides a wealth of information and controls for better management and optimization of an SAP BusinessObjects deployment. With over 10 years experience and 800 customers Worldwide, APOS has a proven track record of meeting and supporting customer needs.

  3. Analytic8 has a product called System Profiler who’s cost is reasonable. The data it collects can answer questions like What users have access to my objects, what reports will be impacted if I change this universe object,document report design (objects used, SQL, and prompts), what are my top 50 reports in size, what reports use my universe, license use, and more. They are just about to release a new version, so more is coming. Dovetail this with Auditor data and it’s quite powerful. Even with our large repository (200,000 objects), the load was low.

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