Freaky Error Message from Dashboards 4.0

Dashboards 4.0 Query Builder Error Blur

I’m attempting to use the new Query Browser feature in SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0.  I’m also attempting to save server resources by shutting off the Dashboard Design Cache Server and Dashboard Design Processing Server.  This is a bad combination, as can be seen from this error message:

Really?  Kind “dpscacheXL.Query and service BlockingDocumentConnectionRepository”?  Fortunately, the Dashboard Design Cache Server and Dashboard Design Processing Server were the only not two running.  But honestly, I wasn’t expecting the Dashboard client to not work without these two servers.  In previous releases, this kind of stuff would have been handled by the Web Intelligence Processing Server.

It appears that error “FWM 01014” is a generic error message indicating that an unspecified required service is missing.  Perhaps Feature Pack 3 will more clearly tell us which service is unavailable?

Dallas Marks

Dallas Marks

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  1. I am still getting this on 4.0 SP05. Is anyone still seeing this incredibly helpful message?

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