I’m working with my first large customer that uses corporate Google apps like Gmail instead of the ubiquitous Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, so I found this Microsoft ad (ironically on Google’s YouTube) particularly funny. ¬†Thanks to John Gruber for mentioning it on Daring Fireball.

The caption is pretty striking.

What happens when the world’s largest advertising business tries to sell productivity software on the side?

I don’t remember Microsoft singling out a competitor so boldly. Perhaps its because we’re so used to Microsoft dominating (some might say monopolizing) operating systems, office productivity software, and web browsers. Of course, it’s struggling with internet search and mobile operating systems.

Probably my biggest peeve with Google apps is that they sometimes do not play nicely with Microsoft Internet Explorer, the “corporate standard” of browsing. Google Calendar seems to give me the most grief. It should come as no surprise that the apps work perfectly in Google Chrome.

This ad inspired me to do a quick check on Netflix for Moonlighting reruns. But alas, Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis are only on DVD, not streaming video. Pity.

Love the necktie, though.

Gmail Man is also pretty good.

How can you not appreciate a line like “got his nose in every colon” set to music?

What is your impression of Google apps? And of Microsoft’s cheeky advertisements?

Dallas Marks

Dallas Marks

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