Looking for SAP Lumira 2.2?

SAP Lumira Discovery 2.0 Splash Screen

SAP Lumira 2.2 was supposed to arrive this week (calendar week 34) but according to SAP Note 2465894, updated yesterday, the release is now being “re-planned”.

SAP Mentor Tammy Powlas shared “What’s new in SAP Lumira 2.2” on the SAP Community site from a ASUG preview webcast last July.

UPDATE 08/27/2018: SAP Note 2465894 was updated on August 25, 2018 indicating that Lumira 2.2 is planned for August 31, 2018.

UPDATE 08/29/2018: SAP Lumira 2.2 is now available for download from the SAP Support Portal. Refer to SAP Note 2587459 for SAP Lumira 2.2 release notes and several other helpful links about the new release.

SAP Lumira 2.2 Now Available 20180829

Dallas Marks

Dallas Marks

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One thought on “Looking for SAP Lumira 2.2?

  1. Thanks for the update on Lumira. We were keeping an eye on the August release of 2.2. I appreciate that SAP did not release if it is not ready, but after the sudden change in roadmap direction this year for Lumira, this only creates more uncertainty and confusion on where SAP is going in analytics that Customers want and use. Companies that invested in BW on Hana have little interest in Analytics in the Cloud, the additional licensing costs and the limited authoring features. Gotta go Tableua is calling….

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