SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 4.1.11 for iOS

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 4.1.11 for iOS appeared in the iTunes store last week.  The app received iOS 7 compatability back in September and October with the releases of 4.1.9 and 4.1.10. The release notes in the iTunes App Store indicate only a single change for 4.1.11:

  • Technical improvements for iOS 5.1 only

The Explorer app (along with the recently updated Mobile BI 5.0.13 app) now has a new “flat design” icon for iOS 7 according to the latest What’s New in SAP BusinessObjects Explorer for iPhone/iPad User Guide from the SAP Help Portal . I find it curious that SAP bothered to make fixes for iOS 5.1 rather than raising the minimum OS requirement to iOS 6 as the Mobile BI app does.

Organizations on the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.1 platform no longer require this stand-alone app, as Explorer functionality is included in Mobile BI. However, it’s nice to see that SAP is maintaining this app for organizations still on XI 3.1 or BI 4.0.

Dallas Marks

Dallas Marks

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