SAP Lumira and the Mobile Web

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SAP has added touch support to the latest releases of Lumira Server and Lumira Cloud via Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Windows 8.1 (see related SAP Community Network article, SAP Lumira 1.18 – Windows 8.1 Tablet Support via IE11). This is an interesting departure from SAP’s app-centric approach to mobile analytics with iOS or Android. It’s also SAP’s first attempt at adding mobile analytics to Windows 8.1, an operating system that hasn’t received the warmest of welcomes from enterprise IT (see related article, First Impressions of Microsoft Windows 8).

I find it curious— but by no means not surprising— that SAP delivered this capability to Lumira first rather than more widely adopted BI applications such as Crystal Reports or Web Intelligence. No doubt one of the outcomes of SAP’s strengthened ties with Microsoft (see related TechCrunch article, Microsoft, SAP Strengthen Ties With Mobile, Data, Cloud Partnership), the effort seems aimed at helping both vendors boost adoption their most recent but certainly not most popular offerings.

With SAP unveiling its future analytics strategy on September 9 (see my recent article, The Future of the SAP BI Platform, Again) and Microsoft reportedly ready to unveil Windows 9 Windows 10 (see related Verge article, Microsoft set to unveil Windows 9 on September 30th), we’ll soon be getting a sharper picture of what to expect from both vendors in 2015.

But it’s clear that SAP’s “Mobile First” battle cry for SAP analytics has now become “Lumira First”.

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Will your organization rush to adopt the new touch capabilities in Lumira Server and Lumira Cloud?

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Dallas Marks

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