Twenty Five Years of the World Wide Web

Twenty five years ago I was studying Electrical Engineering Technology at the University of Cincinnati. Although we would later have Sun Sparcstations, in 1989 we had DEC terminals wired to a PDP-11 tucked away in some university broom closet that I used to learn Fortran and SAS. I vaguely remember one IBM RT workstation in a dusty corner. But in a distant CERN laboratory, Tim Berners-Lee was creating the World Wide Web on a NeXT computer.

I asked on Twitter what everyone else was doing 25 years ago.


Here are the responses I received.




And my friend Dr. Jerry Gannod weighed in on LinkedIn-

25 years ago I was working at IBM Rochester, building a prototype for an IDE running on AIX, for code that deployed to an AS/400. We were using C++ (before standardization) and X-Windows (before window-based GUIs became popular).


Thanks everyone for sharing your memories.

Dallas Marks

Dallas Marks

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