Confessions of a Public Speaker by Scott Berkun

Confessions of a Public Speaker by Scott Berkun

Confessions of a Public Speaker by Scott Berkun is a great resource for public speakers.  I just finished the Kindle edition and am sorry that I put off reading the book for so long.

The book combines practical public speaking tips with some great storytelling of the author’s personal experiences. It’s the combination that keeps the book entertaining.  It also drives home the author’s point that great storytelling is a key ingredient of a great presentation, regardless of its topic.

This book is highly opinionated, personal, and full of behind-the-scenes stories. You may not like this. Some people like seeing how sausage is made, but many do not.

Berkun, Scott (2009-10-20). Confessions of a Public Speaker (Kindle Locations 166-167). OReilly Media – A. Kindle Edition.

A key component of Scott Berkun’s advice is practice, something that I’ll be doing quite a bit of this week to prepare for next week’s 2012 ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Conference in Orlando, Florida. I highly recommend that other speakers grab the Kindle edition and read it on their flight to Orlando.

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Dallas Marks

Dallas Marks

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  1. Hi Dallas.
    I agree with your review, this book is very entertaining and gives some great practical advice for novice public speakers (like myself) . I read this book a few weeks before presenting at the Mastering SAP BI Conference in Melbourne last year and Scott’s advice around practice was key in delivering a successful presentation. Best of luck in Orlando. Regards Matt G @matty_gfunk

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