Nobody Ever Got Fired for Buying Tableau

Gartner Magic Quadrant 2014

Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.

Nobody ever got fired for buying Microsoft.

Nobody ever got fired for buying Tableau.

Gartner Magic Quadrant 2014

Gartner has published their 2014 Magic Quadrant for business intelligence and analytics platforms. Looks like a lot of folks are going to be doing this…

Installing Tableau 8.1

Tableau has posted a reprint of the Gartner report here.

Dallas Marks

Dallas Marks

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11 thoughts on “Nobody Ever Got Fired for Buying Tableau

  1. Yeah but the real question is, are YOU using Tableau? not just playing around but really using it?

    1. Deanna,

      Fair question. I use Tableau enough to get familiar with it, but I’m not an analyst. Long term, I believe data discovery tools will help many types of users be self sufficient. Enterprise BI doesn’t get eliminated. Ideally, it gets more focused.


  2. We use it internally and love it. 2500 bucks and I can get the same results requiring an entire stack of server software from most of the BI Vendors on the list. That quick win is why customers are gravitating toward Tableau because they are able to extract immediate value with minimal up front cost. For example, in an hour out of the box I had a mashup of pipeline data, merged with Google Analytics stats, and trial usage data from MySQL telling me who customers were, where they are coming from and who is using our products the most. Someone tell me the cost and time to build the same thing with SAP BusinessObjects… My guess is these kinds of stories are circulating their way through large enterprises and that is why the heat is on big BI.

  3. I find it interesting that there are 27 vendors in this market. Sounds to me like either Gartner needs to alter their criteria for who to include (because the market is really multiple markets), or the market is just one market but is ripe for consolidation.

    Also, how can you have 10 leaders? Hmmm…gotta love Gartner. They create a useful tool for displaying the players in a market (the 2×2 chart) and spend the next 30+ years milking it.

  4. Tableau is the current darling of BI but I would question it’s position on completeness of vision which is equal to Microsoft, SAP, Oracle given that it has a limited product set: (no enterprise reporting, limited metadata management/support, server product only available on Windows). However if it has cash to expand then I’m sure it’s going to plug these gaps, whether it manages this before the big players delivery their own tableau like products is to be seen.

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